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Common IssuesUpdated a month ago

  1. Order can't be shipped to a specific address or shipping isn't available for the selected address. in Shopify, each product have a shipping rate profile assigned to it, and a product can only be assigned to one profile. A newly created product --- also those you added to your store from the knitwise app, is assigned to the General shipping rates profile by default (as seen on the screenshot below). Custom shipping rates profile might be present depending on your store your Shopify Dashboard, go to Settings (bottom right gear icon) > Shipping and Delivery Each shipping rates profile has a rule related to the shipping address (if can deliver to that country/state or not) as shown below: because of this, you need to check if the Knitwise product you want to sell on your store is included to a shipping rate profile that disallows shipping to certain country/state and apply changes depending on how your store is setup. There might be other factors you can check and its discussed on this Shopify Community Thread. This article, however, only focuses on the first option which most of the time already fixes the issue.
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