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Complete a Shopify orderUpdated 5 months ago

To complete a Shopify order, you have two options: the manual payment process and the automated payment process.

  1. Manual Payment Process
    • When a customer places an order on your Shopify store, it will appear in the Knitwise app under "Orders" as "Needs Approval". You can also view these orders in the "Needs Approval" tab.
    • Click on the order to see the order details.
    • To complete the order, click on "Pay Order" to initiate manual payment.
    • Once the order is successfully paid, the order status will change to "in_production".
  2. Automated Payment Process
    • In the "Orders" section, you can toggle the "Auto Checkout" feature on or off to enable or disable the automated payment process.
    • If you choose to turn on the automated payment process, any new Shopify orders will be automatically paid for using the default payment method on your account. These orders will then be fulfilled and shipped to your customers by Knitwise.

By utilizing either the manual or automated payment process, you can efficiently complete your Shopify orders and ensure a seamless fulfillment process for your customers.

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