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Create your own product templateUpdated 3 months ago

For design-related support, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]. If you're interested in hiring a design expert for as low as $35 per design, please reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.

Designing new products

  1. There are 3 ways to create your own product template.
    • from "Product Catalog" 
      • go to "Product Catalog", Click a product
      • Click "Create Product Template"
    • from "My Templates"
      • go to "Product Templates", Click "Create More Product Templates"
      • Select a product from"Product Catalog" or Select a template from "Knitwise Product Templates"
      • Click "Create Product Template"
    • from "Knitwise Product Templates"
      • go to "Product Templates", Click "Knitwise Product Templates" tab, then click a product template
      • Click "Create Product Template"
      • Tip: For Knitwise Product Templates, click on "Download Template" and "Design Instruction" to learn more about each design.
  2. Choose between a Regular Template and a Personalized Template based on your design requirements. For this instruction, we will create a "Regular Template" Click "Start"
    • Regular Templates require you to complete the template design before adding it to your store for sale.
    • Personalized templates allow customization for each customer's needs, such as personalized pet portrait knitwear or personalized text blankets. You can add these templates to your store and upload the specific design after an order is placed by your customers.
  3. Enter the name of your template then click "Confirm". Your product template will appear in the Product Templates/My Product Templates section.
  4. Design your template, ensuring you complete the design for the sizes you intend to sell, and save them accordingly. Make sure the design meets the required format by passing the format checker before proceeding.
  5. We totally understand that not everyone wants to create the design themselves. To help you create the artwork, we offer two design options: 
    • Hire an independent artist: We can refer a well-trained independent artist to you. You will work with the independent artists directly, not through us. We don’t charge any commission. 
    • Hire Knitwise in-house artist: We charge a flat design and digitization fee of $200. We will help you create the design for all sizes and help you to set up the product in your store.
  6. Locate your product template in the Product Templates/My Product Templates section and click "Edit" to upload your design files.
  7. Upload your design file for each size by clicking "Choose File". For this instruction, we will upload an artwork for Size M
    Tip: Currently, only BMP file format is accepted in the app.
  8. Click "Check Format" to ensure the design files meet the design requirements. If errors occur, click "Report" to learn more details and correct the design files accordingly. You must have all design files in the correct format before proceeding.
  9. Click "Continue" to review the 3D mockup and ensure the design is accurate and as intended.Below is an example of a format checker report.
    Tip: If you have any questions about the report, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].
  10. After clicking 'Continue', The browser will take a few seconds to load the 3D model and take snapshots of the 3D Model that has your design. Once loaded, you will see the snapshots by clicking Mockup View tab.
  11. Click "Save Template" to save your progress.
  12. Click "Edit" to make changes to your product templates and reupload design files if necessary.
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