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Add your product templates to your storeUpdated a month ago

  1. After completing the design for the template, click "Add to Store" to initiate the selling process
  2. Select the sizes you wish to offer in your store.
    Please note that for sizes without uploaded design files, they cannot be added to the store. 
     Tip: For non-personalized templates, you can add any available sizes first and upload the correct design file after an order is placed. 
  3. Choose your preferred shipping method and click "Add to Store"
    Shopify has a limitation of adding a maximum of 1000 products per 24 hours. If you get an error after adding a lot of products, please wait 24 hours before trying again. 
  4. Once finished, you will find the added product in the Store section.
  5. To make further edits, click "Edit" on Shopify to customize the product in your own Shopify store before selling.
  6. In your own Shopify store, you can edit the product name, images, details, pricing and shipping rates
    Remember NOT to modify any information under "inventory" once products are added, as it may affect order syncing. 
    For more details on setting up shipping rates in your Shopify store, please refer to the Shopify shipping rates article here
  7. Make sure that each variant's inventory is stocked at Knitwise Dropshipping, you can check this by clicking "Edit" beside one of the product variants.

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