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What is Knitwise content policy?Updated 3 months ago

Ecommerce connects merchants and customers worldwide, enabling online businesses to thrive. At Knitwise, we prioritize respectful and lawful content submission. Prior to launching your store, ensure that your content is respectful, legal, and aligned with intellectual property rights. Content that promotes hate, violates the law, or infringes on intellectual property rights may be reviewed and removed.

Intellectual Property Rights Knitwise values your creativity and encourages self-expression. We kindly request that you honor the creative rights of others as well. You need to either own the content you submit to Knitwise, or have the rights to use, display, and resell it. Content must comply with right of publicity, trademark, and copyright laws.

Illegal Content We will remove content that depicts child pornography. Obscene content, or content that depicts, promotes or praises crimes, illegal or otherwise harmful activities, terrorism and/or individuals, groups or organizations promoting any of the aforementioned also will not be tolerated. You also have to follow your local laws and those of the regions you're shipping orders to. It's your responsibility to understand what you legally can and can't create for your store.

Hateful Content We embrace global diversity and tolerance. We don't tolerate content that expresses hatred towards or attacks on any person, group and/or their protected characteristics (such as but not limited to age, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or disability). You cannot upload this sort of hateful content on our site.

Also, we retain the right to block content if your content falls under these categories::

  • Content that promotes and praises individuals, groups or organizations that promote hate, or are involved in intentionally harmful activities.
  • Content that promotes support for crimes associated with hate, violence, discrimination, or intolerance.
  • Content that promotes harmful misinformation that is known to or may reasonably lead to violence or threats to the health and safety of the public.

Content that depicts violent events would be evaluated on an educational or artistic expression basis; it should not be used to promote, glorify, or trivialize violent acts.

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