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How does earning work when selling via Knitwise?Updated 11 days ago

When selling through Knitwise, your earnings are calculated based on the difference between the final retail price you set and the Knitwise product cost, minus the shipping cost.

Your earnings of each piece = Final Retail Price you set up - Shipping Cost - Knitwise Price

The "Knitwise Price" is the cost you pay to Knitwise for each piece, while the "Suggested Retail Price" is the price recommended by Knitwise for selling to your customers. However, you have the flexibility to set your own retail price based on your desired markup rates, taking shipping costs and taxes into consideration.

When customers place an order with you, they are paying the full retail price, which includes your earnings. In other words, you collect your profit margin upfront and then pay Knitwise the product cost to fulfill their order.

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