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About Knitwise

Who are we?

Knitwise is a revolutionary knit-on-demand marketplace that brings together creators, sellers, and factories, enabling hassle-free inventory management, unlocking creativity, and eliminating minimum order quantities. Our mission is to make on-demand

How much does Knitwise cost?

Knitwise does not have any recurring costs for using the app. We charge you for the product cost, shipping cost, and any applicable sales tax based on your orders. We are transparent about our pricing, and you have control over setting your own retai

How does Knitwise work?

Knitwise makes it easy to bring your custom knitwear ideas to life in just four simple steps:. With Knitwise, it's as easy as these four steps to create and sell your own knitwear products.

How does earning work when selling via Knitwise?

When selling through Knitwise, your earnings are calculated based on the difference between the final retail price you set and the Knitwise product cost, minus the shipping cost. Your earnings of each piece = Final Retail Price you set up - Shipping