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How does Knitwise work?Updated 10 months ago

Knitwise makes it easy to bring your custom knitwear ideas to life in just four simple steps:

  1. Select your product: Choose from a wide range of knitwear products and knitwear product templates.
  2. Design your template: Get creative and design your own custom template using our intuitive design tools or select from our extensive library of design templates to get started fast.
  3. Sell your product: Whether you have an online store or a physical retail location, you can start selling your custom knitwear products with ease. Place orders directly in the app (Visit this page for app order instructions). or connect your Shopify store for automated order management (Visit this page for Shopify integration details to get started). Note: Please note that currently we only integrate with Shopify, but we are actively working to integrate with more popular e-commerce platforms.
  4. Earn your profit while we knit and fulfill: Once you place and pay the order, we take care of the knitting and fulfillment process, ensuring high-quality products are delivered to your customers while you focus on growing your business and enjoying the profits.

With Knitwise, it's as easy as these four steps to create and sell your own knitwear products.

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